New 2016 Art Rubric

Beginning in February 2016, any rubric-based art projects will utilize a new and improved assessment tool. We believe that the language of the new rubric is more student centered, and will foster greater understanding of the expectations in the art room, and of assessment criteria. You may view a full-sized rubric on the Rubrics page of this blog.


Exciting New Art Projects for Quarter 3!

We are wrapping up our Q2 art classes with some lessons on color theory (the color wheel) and some projects utilizing what we have learned. These include texture paintings and complementary color constructions (K-2), oil pastel drawings using tints and shades (Grades 3-4), Warm and cool color portraits (Grades 5-6) and Warhol-style celebrity portraits (Grades 7-8).

Coming Up!

We will kick off Q3 with poster projects for Black History Month at all grade levels, followed by poster and drawing contests for middle grades, and printmaking in grades K-6.

Gallery Corner

Thanks to all who attended the Grand Opening of our Jane Averill Student Art Gallery in the Ray annex on December 10, 2015. Our January 2016 show will feature works by our 3rd grade artists. Information on opening reception date and time to come!